About Dry Drayton Village Hall

Our History

Founded as the Dry Drayton Village Institute in 1927, the original wooden hall stood for more than 40 years. It was a surplus hospital hut purchased for £70 after World War I. When the hut fell into disrepair in the 1960s, the village demolished it and raised £5,000 to replace it. The resulting current hall opened in 1967.

The brick building originally featured a flat-roofed entryway, a single function room and a kitchen. Alterations since then include the addition of two back rooms (late 1980s), supporting buttresses at the front (1996), an improved entryway with accessible toilets (2002) and a modernised kitchen (2014).

Volunteers Welcome

The village hall depends on volunteers, whether to provide a light bit of gardening, help with fundraisers or serve on the management committee. To get involved, contact Chair Robb Lunn at ddvhchair@gmail.com.

A man speaks into a microphone on the front step of the village hall. Villagers form a circle around him to listen.

The grand opening of Dry Drayton Village Hall in 1967. A thatched barn stood in place of Searles Meadow.

The Committee

Dry Drayton Village Hall is a registered charity (Reg. No. 300382). A volunteer committee manages the hall. The board includes elected board members and representatives from community groups.

The elected board members also serve as trustees for the charity. The trustees/elected board members for 2022-23 are:

Robb Lunn, Chair

Robb and his family moved to Dry Drayton in 2003 after sixteen years living in Bar Hill. He is a member of Dry Drayton Community Enterprises, the organisation formed to campaign for saving the Black Horse pub. Robb works for a small company on the Cambridge Science Park that makes internet switches. Contact Robb at ddvhchair@gmail.com.

Cinnamon Bair, Secretary

An American, Cinnamon made her first visit to Dry Drayton in 1991. Twenty-two years later, she and her husband became village residents. Cinnamon volunteers with the School & Village Association, the village marquee team and the village newsletter. Contact Cinnamon at ddvhsecretary@gmail.com.

An older man with white hair and glasses smiles.

Adrian Peck, Treasurer

Adrian grew up in Dry Drayton. It was his father, Dr Irving Peck, who led the effort to build the current village hall. Adrian is director of Bushel & Company Ltd. Contact Adrian at ddvhtreasurer@gmail.com.

Sue Carlisle, Customer Care

A resident since 2004, Sue lives in Dry Drayton with her husband, son and grandson. She took on the Customer Care position to help grow the hall's bookings and take care of its customers. Sue wants to make sure your event is as good as it can be. Contact Sue at drydraytonhallbookings@gmail.com.

Judith Bennetton, Member

Judith moved to the village "for a short while" in 1987. She remembers the village when the shop and post office allowed you to enjoy a chance meeting with neighbours. Judith has been involved in several village organisations, including looking after hall bookings. She hopes the village hall can promote further opportunities for villagers to meet. Contact Judith at ddvhmc1@gmail.com.

Robert Hawkes, Co-Opted

Robbie grew up in Dry Drayton. After time away for work and study, returned to raise his family. His work expertise is in research and development of medical imaging devices. Over the past 30 years he served as a parish councillor, on the village hall committee, and a school governor. But his passion is erecting marquees to raise funds for the school and village. Contact Robbie at ddvhco1@gmail.com.