Booking the Hall

We want to make booking Dry Drayton Village Hall as easy as possible for you. Please review our rates, diary and terms & conditions below. If you have any queries or experience any problems, please contact our Customer Care person, Sue Carlisle, at

Village Hall Hire Rate Changes

The DDVH management committee are committed to keeping village hall hire rates as low as we can.  However, costs are rising so we need to review our charges from time to time.  Whilst some charges are rising we are dispensing with the criteria to have 40 bookings in any 12 month period.  Instead we have reduced this to 10 bookings in one year.  As such we don’t need the Infrequent tier. So those bookers previously in that tier will find their charges reduced as they will now be in the regular tier.

Also if you are a charity, or and local organisation wanting to hold an occasional event, particularly if it’s going to benefit residents of Dry Drayton, then please come and talk to us, as we might be able to offer discretionary special discount on the occasional rate.

At the current time these competitive rates are for the complete village hall, including main hall, combi room and kitchen.  The village hall management committee reserves the right to make make changes to these rates and to what is included.  Any rate changes will be communicated to regular and infrequent users and fair notice will be given.

Main Hall Hire Rates

User category
from 01 Jul 2022
Weekday any time Weekend before 6pm Weekend after 6PM
and Bank Holidays
(one or more / month)
10 or more in year
£ 8.00 / hour
£ 8.00 / hour
£ 15.00 / hour
£ 15.00 / hour
£ 15.00 / hour
£ 20.00 / hour

Check Availability and Book

If you have previously made a booking through the website, please log in to your account. When you are making your first booking, click the + symbol on the date desired and create an account. The system will lead you through the process. If you have questions or problems, contact Sue Carlisle at

All bookings are subject to acceptance of the hall’s Terms and Conditions.

Covid-19 Restrictions

In line with UK government guidance, Dry Drayton Village Hall has lifted coronavirus restrictions. Visitors are encouraged to wear masks when appropriate. Groups and individuals hiring the hall are likewise encouraged to implement coronavirus precautions they deem suitable for their activities.


A small car park offers several spaces immediately outside the village hall. If parking on the street, please be considerate of neighbours and do not block lanes, pavements or drives.

Terms & Conditions of Hire

The following Ts&Cs were approved by the Dry Drayton Village Hall Committee on 31st January 2023 and can be downloaded above. All bookings are subject to acceptance of the Ts&Cs.

The hire of the hall is at the discretion of the Management Committee and subject to the rules set out below. The Management Committee shall have unrestricted access to the Hall at all times to ensure compliance with these rules.

The Hiring Agreement constitutes permission only to use the premises and confers no tenancy or other right of occupation on the Hirer.

Please note: We regrettably are unable to accommodate bouncy castles on site.

General Terms

1. Hirers are expected to vacate the booked area/s promptly at the end of the hired session. All events must finish by 12.00 midnight. The maximum occupancy of the Hall is 100 persons.

2. Persons, groups or organisations wishing to hire the Hall’s facilities must nominate a responsible individual over 21 years old who must be present at all times at the function or activity.

3. Where the function or activity is intended primarily for juniors (under 18 years) there must be one adult to every 12 juniors in attendance to supervise the group and the Hall’s Safeguarding Policy must be adhered to at all times.

4. A damage deposit (refundable) is required for all one-off bookings. In the case of significant damage, the Management Committee reserves the right to claim against the Hirer for the full cost of repair.

5. The Village Hall reserves the right to make a charge for business hirers that wish to store items at the hall.

6. The Hall can accept no liability for the loss of or damage to clothing or any other property left or stored at the Village Hall, or to loss or damage relating to visitors’ cars parked at the premises.

7. The Hall’s Public Liability insurance provides cover ONLY against incidents arising from acts or omissions of the Hall. Hirers should, in their own interests, consider whether additional insurance cover is necessary.

8. The Committee reserves the right to cancel a hiring in certain circumstances (e.g. essential Maintenance, Hall required as a Polling Station).

9. If the hirer cancels a booking less than one week before the date of the event and the Committee is unable to find a replacement booking, the Hirer must pay half the fee due so long as cancellation is notified before the time of the event. Otherwise, the full fee is payable.

10. Bookings may only be accepted through the on-line booking system, but shall not be confirmed until acknowledged by Customer Care.

11. All payments must be made by direct bank transfer at least one week before the date of the hire; the Hall will not accept cash or cheque payment.

Heath, Safety and Protection of the Environment

All Hirers must comply with the Hall’s policies on Health, Safety and the Environment and Safeguarding at all times.

1. Fire

No decorations, draperies, scenery or other material liable to cause a fire hazard may be brought onto the premises without the consent of the Management Committee. The use of candles or other naked flames is prohibited.

Fire Exits are at the front and rear of the building. Access to all exits must be kept clear at all times, and exits must be kept unlocked, and lights above the emergency exits remain switched on, while the hall is in use.

Fire extinguishers are situated at exit points, together with signs pointing to the Assembly Point in the car park. There is a fire blanket in the kitchen. Do NOT prop or wedge open any of the fire doors.

The Hall is fitted with smoke detectors and audible alarms in all main areas.

If a fire occurs:

  • Ensure safe evacuation to the Assembly Point in the car park;
  • From a safe place, alert the Fire Services using a mobile phone
  • Ensure that all members of your group then congregate in the car park.
  • Only use a fire extinguisher if safe to do so, you are confident in its use, and that the extinguisher is the right type for the particular fire. Never let the fire get between the user and safe exit.

2. First Aid

The First Aid box and Accident Book are kept in the kitchen. All accidents must be reported on a form from the Accident Book and posted into the secure post box (in order to comply with GDPR) at the front of the building.

3. Electrical Equipment

All equipment brought in for use in the Hall must be safe and used in a safe manner.

4. Kitchen

The Hirer is responsible for safety and hygiene within the Kitchen and must observe all associated regulations.

No-one under the age of 16 may enter the kitchen. No animals are allowed in the kitchen at any time.

At the end of the hire, the kitchen must be cleaned and all waste cleared up and taken away. The only exception to this is compostable waste that may be put in the Hall’s green wheelie bin.

5. Allergies

The Village Hall does not prohibit the use or consumption of substances that may cause allergic reactions (e.g. nuts). It is the responsibility of the hirer to assure themselves that the hall is suitable for their specific needs and to ensure that first aid, e.g. Epipens, are available if needed.

Hirer's Responsibilities


  1. Be responsible for supervision and care of the premises, the contents, and the behaviour of all persons using the Hall during the period of hire.
  2. Report any damage (accidental or otherwise) to the Customer Care Representative immediately.
  3. NOT use the premises for any purpose other than that described in the hiring agreement and shall not sub-hire the premises.
  4. NOT allow the sale of alcohol on the premises unless a suitable licence has been obtained.
  5. Comply with Fair Trading Laws and any applicable code of practice used in connection with sales on the premises and ensure that nothing is done on or in relation to the premises in contravention of the law relating to gaming, betting and lotteries.
  6. Be responsible for obtaining such licences and insurances as may be needed.
  7. If preparing, serving or selling food observe all relevant food health and hygiene legislation.
  8. Ensure that the minimum of noise is made during arrival and departure from the premises.
  9. Ensure that no dogs, or other animals and birds, are brought into the Hall. There is an exception for Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs, and registered Support Pets.
  10. NOT allow smoking or drug use in any part of the building, in conformity with legislation. If it is found that this has taken place during a hire period, the Management Committee reserves the right to apply an additional minimum fee of £200 for professional cleaning.
  11. Leave the hall and all facilities as you would wish to find them – clean and tidy. Any spills should be mopped up immediately.
  12. Replace chairs and tables used in the Main Hall in the storeroom as they were found. Chairs shall be stacked no more than four high.
  13. NOT stick anything to the walls or floor in any of the rooms.
  14. Ensure that parking in front of the Hall is managed so that disabled drivers have priority, our neighbours’ access and privacy is respected, and there is access at all times for emergency services..
  15. COMPLY with the Start-up and Shutdown checklists provided for all hire periods. The check list given on arrival must be marked where appropriate and signed before leaving, for the hirer’s deposit to be returned.